Implementing Real time synchronization from Sage CRM to Sage X3 using GUMU

By | April 22, 2016

GUMU™ for Sage CRM – Sage X3 integration is real time bi-directional integration which sync all the customer data (Customer/Address/Contact) from Sage CRM to Sage X3 and vice versa on real time basis.
Today in this blog, we will discuss about implementing the real time changes from Sage CRM to Sage X3. Once this part is implemented Sage CRM user can create/update below entitles records from Sage CRM to Sage X3 on real time basis,
a)  Customer
b)  Contact
c)  Address

New Stuff: Implementing Real time synchronization from Sage X3 to Sage CRM using GUMU

Let’s go through each steps to implement real time changes from Sage CRM to Sage X3,
1. Installing Sage CRM side Patch
2. Configure GUMU from Sage CRM

 GUMU Sage CRM – X3 Integration Video Blog Demo Machine

Before proceeding further please refer blog link in which we have mentioned pre requisite for GUMU integration link i.e. Pre– Requisites for installing GUMU for sage CRM- Sage ERP X3
GUMU Sage CRM side Patch installation:-

In our GUMU™Integration there are two patches, which needs to be installed. But today in this blog we will go through the patch which need to be installed for implementing the real time synch from Sage CRM to Sage X3.
We have provided a patch “P_GUMUCRMX3_X.X.X” which can be find at GUMU installation directory “Patches” folder. Those patches needs to be install only for that folder for which user wants to create GUMU integration module in Sage X3 side. Once it is configured than it will be used for real time updates from Sage CRM to Sage X3.
Once the above two steps are performed then user will have to configure GUMU™ integration from Sage CRM side. For configuring please refer blog GUMU for Sage CRM – ERP X3 –GUMU Sage CRM side Configuration
After configuration Sage CRM user will be able to create/update records from Sage CRM to Sage X3 on real time basis.

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