How To Resolve “Unable to Connect Server 200” issue in Sage CRM?

By | November 23, 2016

As we know every CRM system allow us to manage customer related documents and in a way it helps us in completing customer profiling. Using document upload feature we can Upload / Update / Edit and delete the documents against all entity. E.g. Company, Person, Lead, Opportunity etc.

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There are few cases where user have faced several issues while uploading documents in CRM one of them is being discussed in this blog which is “Unable to Connect Server 200”.  See below screenshot.


After examining this issue, we came to know that users who are accessing CRM on static IP address are facing this issue whereas local users were able to upload the documents. Dashboard was also not working on static IP address and it becomes the reason of the same. See below screenshot.


So to resolve this issue, we have to update the WebConfig file with following given steps.
1. Go to CRM installation path. For e.g. D:\ProgramFiles(x86)\Sage\CRM\Services\IISUtils\CRMRewriter
2. Take web.config file backup
3. Open this file in notepad
4. Replace {C:1} tag with localhost. Please refer below given screenshot for your reference.
5. Refresh CRM page and check.
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