Customer Number Generation in GUMU Sage CRM – SageX3 integration.

By | March 30, 2017

GUMU for Sage CRM and Sage X3 Integration Link is a real time, bi-directional link that integrates Sage X3 and Sage CRM data.
Using GUMU integration user can promote new customers from Sage CRM to Sage X3. While promoting new customers, GUMU integration generates the customer number.
In this blog post, we will discuss about this customer number generation process done by GUMU.

New Stuff: GUMU for Sage CRM- Sage ERP X3 – Sage ERP X3 Side Configuration

In Sage X3, when a new customer is created, a unique code or Customer number is generated for every customer. This customer number generation is depend on the value defined in Customer sequence field for selected category for a customer.

In Sage X3, user can define the format of the customer number using Customer sequence field.

While promoting customers from Sage CRM using GUMU integration, if user selects the category in which customer sequence value is defined, then customer number field will be marked as read only and customer number gets generated according to format defined there in the field. If there is no Customer sequence field defined for selected category, then user can enter value into customer number field using which customer get created.
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