Remove 'All Report Categories' option from Reports Menu

By | March 31, 2017

Sage CRM provides Report functionality through which we can create simple as well as complex report in CRM. Report helps us in getting clear idea about ongoing work also.
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In CRM, we have reports of different categories like Activity reports, Campaign, Customer Service, Sales etc. With all this categories there is one more option available as “All Report Categories”, which holds all the categories listed above.
For one of our client we created “Custom Reports” category which is having all the custom reports. He asked us to remove all the standard categories and keep only Custom Reports category. We removed all standard categories by navigating to Administration -> Advanced Customization -> System Menus -> ReportsTabGroup.
But when we click on the Reports dropdown it was showing the “Custom Reports” and “All Report Categories” options in it. And after clicking on “All Report Categories” options it was showing “Custom Reports” category in it. This seemed to be an unnecessary addition to the list since we had only one Custom reports category made available for client. So, we decided to remove the “All Report Categories” option. To do the same we followed below steps.
1. Navigate to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage\CRM\<CRM Instance>\WWWRoot\js\crm\WebTriPage.js”.
2. Find out “LoadComplete:function(editname)” function.
3. In the above function put the below code:


Below is the screenshot for the same.

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