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Control Color of Buttons in Sage CRM

Recently we came across a forum in which Sage CRM user asked whether Color of a Button in Sage CRM can be modified. Well, answer is Yes and Color is controlled using CSS files. Let’s understand the same with an example. New Stuff: Recent List Customization in Sage CRM By default color of buttons in Sage… Read More »

Changing the color of hyperlinks in sage CRM

Now a day’s most of the Sage CRM users use Contemporary theme as preferred theme as it looks well organized and user friendly. Main menu drop down list, recently viewed records, top bar icons and buttons are well organized which helps user to access the information easily. New Stuff: Notifications not working in Sage CRM 2017… Read More »

Changing the Colour of the Date field

I had explained on this blog site earlier how to change the properties of fields from client side scripts. One of the case scenarios that I came across recently is to change the color of Date field based on some condition. Here is the script written on the custom content which does the job. //’Function… Read More »