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Data Import Routines

Though CRM systems are capable of maintaining and managing Business related data thoroughly over the web, most of the business structures still won’t allow the data entries to be done in actual working environment. For such prospects, even if Sage CRM holds the greater importance from business perspective, the web architecture of CRM can’t be… Read More »

One Click Notification to CRM users from System Administrator

With reference to the blog written by Jeff http://dpp.sagecrm.com/blogs/hints_tips_and_tricks/archive/2009/08/13/creating-a-simple-messaging-system-within-sage-crm.aspx We would like to suggest one more workaround where we need not to create an extra entity but we can use the existing communication entity only Suppose a system administrator wants to pass a message to single user or to group of users in SageCRM; What… Read More »

Can the Account Manager at the Person level be updated when the Account Manager is changed at the Company Level?

When we create a new Company, the routine written in UpdateRecord() function has gets fired. we can check the company id generated in the IF statement to decide whether it should proceed further or not. We can use the following code to resolve the problem: function UpdateRecord() { var compid = new String(eWare.GetContextInfo(‘Company’,’Comp_CompanyId’)); if(compid==”” ||… Read More »

Creating User Multi Selects

Currently this facility of Multiple User Select field is available for Communication Table only. It does not work for other tables because the User multi select writes into a field of data type ‘Int’ and as an ‘Int’ field it could not store multiple values in same field and needs a link table to store… Read More »

Globally scheduling the cases across users

Are you willing to find Cases categorized on the basis of User?Would you like to provide the user a feel like Calendar; while accessing Cases? We have a workaround which will help you to search the cases on the basis of user and its status. Also it shows pictorial representation of Cases you see in… Read More »