Publish/Install Sage Intacct Custom Application

By | July 27, 2020

As we build custom applications using Platform Services and deploy on client companies, the need to programmatically install updates arises. Installing or updating an application involves first publishing the application from the Sage Intacct to create the XML and then install to post that definition to the client’s company.

In this blog we are going to discuss the steps to publish application in Sage Intacct.

So we have created an application for purchase inventory within one of Sage Intacct Company and will deploy the same in another Sage Intacct Company.

  1. Step to publish a custom application as an xml file: Go to platform Services > click on Applications then list of all application appears.

    Navigate to Custom Applications
  2. Then select the application that you want to publish, in this case we select purchase inventory application.

    Select Application to Publish
  3. Click on Publish button.

  4. Change the application name and application version if needed.
    You can change the name of the application XML file to help you keep track of what application the file represents.
  5. Select ‘Is Managed’ checkbox if you want to manage versions of this application yourself to prevent target company users to modify the application.
    If we don’t select ‘Is Managed’ Checkbox then users can do the changes in application.
  6. Click Generate xml to generate and save the xml file of your application in your local machine and click done.
    You can also use the install process to update an existing application, in case you add features or updates to an existing application.

    Generate xml on Publishing

Steps to install a custom application from an xml file to another Sage Intacct Company.

  1. Go to the Platform Services > click on the Install application.

    Install Application
  2. Click Choose file control then select the xml file that application we want to upload.
  3. After selecting appropriate xml file click on Install button.

    Installation properties

    Installation Report

So using these simple steps you can deploy your custom application to any of your client’s system.