Sage Intacct Order Analysis Report

By | December 21, 2020

The Sage Intacct Order analysis report gives detailed information on orders by company customers wise.
This report gives you information about your inventory also this report helps to know which customer ordered which items.
Using this report, we can find whether enough items are available to fill all orders. Also, we can find which items are most popular, Shipment dates, Unit and extended price per item. Mostly finance staff use this report to know the state of Orders (For example. Draft mode). To get the data you want just fill in the desired fields, and click View to see the report. If after viewing the results you want to refine the report further, click Customize to return to the report setup page.

Order Analysis Report

To access this report Go to Order Entry > Click on Order analysis > Click on ADD button.

Navigate to Order Analysis

Order Analysis Report Filters

  • Set Time period, Select reporting period using drop down to get the data you want. If you don’t specify a reporting period, the system generates a report for the current month to date.
  • Set the filters to get the specific data you want. Filters enable you to include or exclude specific types of data in the report, such as customer, item, UPC, value, account.

Order Analysis Report Filters

  • Select Format. You can set the layout of the report and/or arrange how to group and display the data contained in the report.
  • Enter a title, subtitle, and footer text for your report.
  • You can View, process, memorize, export, or customize the report or add it to the dashboard by using button given in right corner of the screen.

So using this report we can easily track down the Sales order.