Sage Intacct Trigger Log

By | December 21, 2020

In Sage Intacct objects, there are many transactions that are done either manual or we go through an event like a trigger and smart event. But these transactions which are done automatically there could be the chance for failure. Suppose we are sending an email from the trigger and due to some reason the trigger failed, so all trigger failure details are maintained in the trigger log.
To perform any automated tasks we can use a trigger, tasks such as input, update, validations, and emails in response to data changes.
If you have to perform some action in the other object on the action of an object or changes, then we can perform it by triggers. You can add the event to your application in the form of a trigger.
We may also simply want to use triggers to create complex validation on data and return custom error messages to the user. For example, on a CRM application, you may want a trigger that sends an email to a manager any time an opportunity is created or deleted. Similarly, you may want to send an email when the dollar value of the opportunity is updated then we can simply create a send Email trigger.

Step to create Email trigger:

  1. Go to the purchase list object.Go to Custom Object
  2. Click on Object definition button.Object Definition
  3. Click Triggers at the top of the page.Create Trigger

    Triggers List

But sometimes email trigger may fail due to incorrect e-mail or network, then Sage Intacct has provided the feature by logging a trigger, so that when we wanted to see trigger fail or success related status and trigger details that all information are maintain in trigger log.

To View the Trigger Log:

  1. Go to Platform Services > Triggers. The trigger list appears.Go to Triggers
  2. Click View log at the top of the list.Trigger Logs

Trigger log set the visibility when your triggers fail to execute properly, you can find the status of triggers and execution times, as well as details about the triggers.

Trigger Logs