Streamlining Workflows with Triggers in Sage Intacct Platform Services

By | June 23, 2023

Sage Intacct, a leading cloud-based financial management solution, offers powerful platform services that help businesses automate processes and improve productivity. One key feature within Sage Intacct’s platform services is the use of triggers. In this blog post, we will explore triggers in Sage Intacct and how they can streamline workflows, automate tasks, and enhance overall efficiency.

Understanding Triggers in Sage Intacct:

Triggers in Sage Intacct are event-based actions that are triggered when specific conditions are met. These conditions can be based on changes in data, time-based events, or user-defined events. Triggers allow businesses to automate tasks and initiate actions without manual intervention, saving time and reducing the risk of errors. They act as catalysts for streamlining workflows and ensuring timely actions within the financial management processes.

Automating Routine Tasks:

Triggers in Sage Intacct enable businesses to automate routine and repetitive tasks. For example, a trigger can be set to generate invoices automatically when a specific condition is met, such as reaching a certain milestone or completion of a project. Similarly, triggers can be configured to send email notifications, update records, or perform calculations based on predefined rules. By automating these tasks, businesses can reduce manual effort, increase efficiency, and minimize the chances of oversight or delays.

Scenario: Automating Invoice Generation. Automatically generate invoices when a project reaches a specific milestone.

Trigger Configuration:

Configure a trigger in Sage Intacct to initiate the invoice generation process when a project reaches a predefined milestone. Set the trigger to monitor the project’s status field and trigger the action when the status changes to “Completed.”

Workflow Automation:

When the trigger is activated, it automatically generates an invoice based on the project details, such as client information, project description, and billing rates. The trigger can also populate the invoice with relevant line items and calculate the total amount due based on predefined billing rules.

Email Notification:

Once the invoice is generated, the trigger can send an email notification to the client, providing details of the invoice and payment instructions. The email can be customized to include specific information or branding elements.

Data Validation:

Before finalizing the invoice generation, the trigger can perform data validation checks to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the project data. This validation step ensures that all required fields are filled out correctly, minimizing errors and discrepancies.

Reporting and Visibility:

The trigger can also update relevant reports or dashboards in real-time to reflect the generated invoice. This provides stakeholders with instant visibility into the project’s financial status and enables proactive decision-making.


  • Eliminates manual effort: With triggers, the entire invoice generation process is automated, saving time and reducing the need for manual data entry.
  • Improved accuracy: Triggers perform data validation checks, ensuring that invoices are generated with accurate and consistent data.
  • Timely invoicing: By automating the process based on milestones, invoices are generated promptly, reducing delays, and improving cash flow.
  • Enhanced customer experience: Automatic email notifications provide clients with timely information, improving communication and customer satisfaction.
  • Real-time financial visibility: Triggers update reports and dashboards in real-time, providing stakeholders with up-to-date financial insights.
  • By leveraging triggers in Sage Intacct platform services, businesses can streamline their invoice generation process, reduce manual effort, improve accuracy, and enhance the overall efficiency of their financial workflows.

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