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Using Index in Sigma Function in Sage X3

In Sage X3, the Adonix system variable “indcum” is the total index used by default in the sigma function. The sigma syntax that uses indcum is quicker in execution than the one that uses a variable. Syntax: [S]indcum Integer When you use the sigma function with the following syntax: sigma(beginning_index,ending_index,expression) The expression is recalculated for indcum… Read More »

Using Sigma function in Sage X3

In one of our last blog, we had seen the use of Calculator in Sage X3. Going further, we will now throw more light on the use and functionality of the same. New Stuff: How to remove spaces from a string To use the sigma formula, firstly we can open the calculator by pressing “Alt+Ctrl+k”. also… Read More »