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Key Highlights of Sage Partner Summit – Spain | 2018

After months of anticipation, the world’s largest conference – Sage Partner Summit 2018 organized by Sage Group PLC was indeed remarkable. Three days packed with keynotes, breakout sessions, and inspirational discussions with industry leaders, experts, influencers, from Sage Partner ecosystem sharing their ideas on various dimensions of business. The conference hailed 300+ Sage Partners across… Read More »

How to Know Current User Code in Sage X3

In Sage X3, there exist some standard global variables which provide information regarding current functional processing. For eg., current function, current user, a name of current user etc. The global variable GUSER provides a code of a user which is currently logged into Sage X3 applications. You can easily use this global variable into your… Read More »

How to get Log File name generated using openlog in Sage X3

We can generate logs using openlog. Also, it is possible to get the name of the log file generated using getlogname() function.  Syntax: LOG_FILE = getlogname() This function returns the file name of the last Sage ERP X3 engine log. When the log mode is activated, a file located in the ‘TMP’ subfolder of the folder… Read More »

How to find Exponential in Sage Enterprise Management (formerly Sage X3)

You may come across the situation where you would like to know the exponential of the value. exp function returns its parameter’s exponential. Description and Comments This function returns the parameter’s exponential (power of e). exp is the inverse of the In function. The result type is Double. Syntax exp(num_exp) Element – num_exp Description – Numeric Expression Restrictions… Read More »

How to fetch Folder Language using Global variable in Sage X3?

In our earlier blog, you may have to fetch the Language using the variable “messname”. There is another way to fetch the folder language is using the Global variable “GLANGUE”. The variable will return “CHAR” type value. Please refer below screenshot for the syntax. Hope this blog helps! About Us Greytrix is a one-stop solution… Read More »

How to enable Bank File button in Sage X3

You may come across the situation where we have to download a bank file from manual remittance screen, in most of the scenario you can find bank file button disabled This depends on the payment type. To enable the button you can go to Set up>>AP-AR Accounting>>Payment entry types Select the same payment entry type… Read More »

Error “Creation not possible” on work order in Sage X3

While creating the work order by using copy functionality. We may face an error that “creation not possible ”. To overcome this error follow the below steps. Navigate to: Manufacturing >Production scheduler>Remove from scheduling. Enter mandatory details on the below screen and click on create. Now you can create the work order by using copy. About Us… Read More »

How to enable geographic subdivisions in address

In Sage X3, ‘Geographic subdivision’ function is used to define by country and by geographic subdivision level the codes that allow the subdivisions of a level to be identified. To define the geographic subdivision navigate to Common data > Common tables > Geographic subdivisions and define the code against the subdivision and country. Then navigate… Read More »

How to close a site in Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3) that is no longer in use

In your Sage Enterprise Management (formerly Sage X3), there can be sites that you may want to close down. The prominent reason for the closure of sites in Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3) can be because of the minimal usage. Closing a site in Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3) is a difficult process. To address… Read More »

How to Rename Menus in Favourites in Sage X3

New versions of Sage X3 provides many additional useful functions and features, unlike V6. New versions of Sage X3 provides a special feature for renaming your favorite menus. Sometimes it becomes difficult to remember X3 menu with it’s defined name. To overcome this, we can rename menus with easy names for quicker access. There is… Read More »