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How to perform inventory multi-counting in V12 of Sage X3

A multi-counting inventory process reduces the risk of making errors during the stock count. If users are able to count the same stock multiple times and track each stock count, variances can be identified and the accuracy of the total can be ensured. With the multi-count process, you can enter individual counts for multiple stocks… Read More »

How to solve Error: FILE Reading Error STOPAR ‘site’ while validating a Stock Count

Stock Count is the process of tracking the actual physical stock available in the warehouse. Stock count is to provide an audit of existing stock. It is the process of physically counting is to check the actual stock on different sites. sites can also include any storage or warehouse facility. A stock count will identify any issues… Read More »

Stock being counted in Sage X3

Sage X3 has an important feature to allow the counting of stock. The Stock is counted is the screen which allows the user to check the inventory which shows the list of stock which is counted. Functional Path: Inventory > Counts > Stock being counted. This function is used to list the products in the… Read More »