Grouping feature in Document Numbering Series for Sage Accpac

By | May 17, 2012

We continue our series for our Greytrix Document Numbering for Sage (Accpac) 300 ERP.

Introduction of Document Numbering for Sage 300 ERP
Configuring Document Numbering of Sage 300 ERP

Today we will discuss about a new grouping feature to our solution . Let me explain how is this going to be used. Say a company has a multi location/account set but need to generate same numbering for a group of location and assign a different location for the other group. So to generate the numbering series, first user needs to create a numbering structure as per the requirement. (Shown in the below screen shot)

As seen in the example there are 4 locations for which we have made 2 groups.
* Group1: Location 1 and Location 1A
* Group2: Location 2 and Location 2A
Now the demand is to assign different numbering for  Group1 and different numbering for Group2.
In that case we just need to assign Location 1 and 1A with Location Group 1 and while Location 2 and Location 2A with Location group 2.

Thus whenever system generates the numbering for any transactions having Location1 or 1A the number structure generated will be same [ditto] in continuous series. Similarly for Group2 as well. As explained above the functionality of Location Group, the same thing will work for the Account Set as well.
Now whenever we will create OE Order transactions for location 1 and 1A ; Accpac will generate the number as shown in below screen shots (as per structure code i.e. Prefix+ Location + Number).