Why Use Document Numbering

By | January 31, 2015

Document Numbering is an Add-on which provides an ability to setup and auto assign document numbers on transactions based on predefined structure. The structure will be on user’s request offering maximum flexibility to setup document numbering for various transactions as per the need.
Presently Sage 300 ERP offers a standard and rigid method to setup document numbering for transactions. But usually there is a need to assign distinct numbering to sales and purchase transaction documents by various criteria such as by Account Sets, Location, Fiscal dates etc. Document Series add-in empowers Sage 300 ERP users to setup distinct numbering series for each set of transactions.
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This allows user to generate different transaction numbers based on requirements based on
1. Location
2. Account Set
3. Combination of Location and Account Set
4. Bank Code
All the transactions will work like sage 300 ERP with the difference of user based document number.
This can be more useful when the user wants to differentiate the document numbers based on their locations, Account set or combination of both or on bank code . So he/she can generate the number as per his/her requirement.
Say, the user wants to transfer goods from Mumbai to Delhi user can generate document for invoice say
Mumbai: MUM/INV/0000001
Delhi: DLH/INV/0000001
Similarly, other numbering methods can be used for different purpose.
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