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Document Numbering on Combination of from and To Location in Transfer entry

As we know, Document Numbering is a module helps to generate Document Numbers based on Location, Account Set, Account Set/Location (optional field) or Bank Code for various transaction screens of AP, PO, IC, AR and OE. User can set Numbering structure as per their requirement and can generate Document numbers accordingly. One of our client… Read More »

Generate Single series for AR Receipt/Prepayment/Unapplied Cash/Miscellaneous Entry using Document Numbering

Previously we have seen document number generation for almost every standard transaction screens from PO/OE/IC/AR modules. Using Document Numbering, we have provision to create different-different document numbering for each transactional screen, now in this blog we are going to see how we can create single document numbering series for two or three different screens of… Read More »

Create Numbering series on Third Party Module (PW Module) using Document Numbering Add-on

Ever wanted to have your own numbering series other than the standard numbering on your third party modules in ERP? Creating numbering on Third party module has become easier with Document Numbering Addon Module. As we are aware of the Document numbering module that allows one to generate Unique numbering with pre-defined structures on the… Read More »

Document Numbering feature for “Create PO from OE”

We have seen in our previous blogs on Document Numbering wherein the document number is generated based on Location, Account, Optional Field and bank code for transactional screen of PO, OE, IC, and AP Module. In this blog, we will see how you can configure document numbering module so that it will generate the Document… Read More »

Sage 300 Add-ons tending to the necessities of Fast-Growing Businesses

Necessity of ERP Add-ons Businesses rely on ERP systems to automate operations, streamline processes and increase efficiency. However, every company has different workflows. It is practically impossible to develop an ERP system that aligns with a specific business model. Sensing the gap between business workflows and IT ecosystem, ERP add-ons are introduced that play vital… Read More »

Document Number Based On Sales Person For Order Entry – Sage 300 ERP (Accpac ERP)

In our previous blog, we have seen the multiple transnational screens where we have used the document numbering function in which we have usually generates the numbering using following numbering method account Set, Location, Account set | Location, Bank Code now in this blog let’s see how to generate the document numbers based on the… Read More »

Why Use Document Numbering

Document Numbering is an Add-on which provides an ability to setup and auto assign document numbers on transactions based on predefined structure. The structure will be on user’s request offering maximum flexibility to setup document numbering for various transactions as per the need. Presently Sage 300 ERP offers a standard and rigid method to setup… Read More »

Document Numbering for AR Misc. Receipt

As we know, Greytrix Document Numbering Add-on for Sage 300 ERP provides ability to setup and auto assign document numbers on transactions based on predefined structure. Greytrix Document Numbering offers numbering series for almost all the transactions. A new feature in the same also allows setting numbering on AR Misc. Receipt entry. With the recent… Read More »