Cannot Issue an OE Credit Note to return a serialized item to a different location

By | October 28, 2013

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This particular issue was earlier reported in version 5.6.
210-31332 – Cannot Issue an OE Credit Note to Return a Serialized Item to a Different Location
The issue is resolved for version 5.6, 6.0. And it is now available as an enhancement under Product Update 2 of Sage 300 ERP 2012.
Basically the feature provides the ability to return serialized and lotted items to a location other than the location from which the items were shipped.
In this article let’s see how this feature works.
In the given example; I shipped and invoiced 10 units from location 1. Since item is serial and lot tracked; serial and lot numbers have been appropriately entered.
The New Stuff : New Unit Cost field on IC Lot Numbers Inquiry in Sage 300 ERP 2012


Now let’s enter an O/E Credit Note to return some units back to inventory. Here, we will change the location to 2 and see if the system retains the previously entered serial\lot numbers.


On Serial\Lot Numbers Allocation screen we could see all the serial\lot numbers are intact.


Hence Product Update 2 of Sage 300 ERP 2012 allows to issue OE Credit Note to return a serialized\lotted items to a different location.
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