Avoid Applying Credit Note for previously credited invoice

By | May 31, 2014

Of late, we come across a situation where we had to raise an OE Credit Note against an OE Sales Invoices, to do so, previously, we would directly go to the OE credit note screen and select the invoice and then raise a credit note. Followed by this credit note there can be two scenarios:-

1. We have to raise another credit note against the same invoice even though we have already done that.
2. We have to make sure that the system does not allow a user to create an OE credit note against the invoices against which a credit note is already created.

In Sage, this functionality is handled very flexibly wherein we can set the option as per our requirement where the system can allow the user to keep creating credit notes against already created invoices or we can stop creating a credit note against an invoice which is already credited.

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In Order Entry options of Sage 300 we can set this option as per the user requirement as shown below.

oe options

If the option is set to ‘Ignore’, it will allow you to create as many credit notes you want against the already credit invoice. If the option is set to ’Warning’ then the system will prompt you with a warning but will still allow you to create the credit notes.

On the other hand if the option is set to ‘Error’ then the system will not allow you to create a second credit note against an invoice against which a credit note initially is posted. Even though you to try it will flag you with the below error message.


Thus depending on the requirement we can set the things and maintain the control over the credit note part.

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