Over Receipt Stock Report in 3 Way PO Matching for Sage 300 ERP

By | March 15, 2014

In our previous blog, we had discussed about “3 Way PO Matching for Sage 300 ERP”. In this blog, we shall discuss about reporting in “3 Way PO Matching” module, which shows over receipt of stock as compared to PO Order.
3 Way PO Matching allows user to keep control on receiving stock and making the invoice of the same. It may be possible that the user may keep the restriction level as Ignore or Warning. Because of which one can receive the quantities more than the quantity set on Purchase Order. In that case, the user may want to see the records of PO Receipts for which he has received more quantities against the set Purchase Order. To check the variance, we have developed a report which gives the user information for above points.
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The only thing that the user has to do is select a range of receipts for which he wants to see the data. The report will show PO Number, Receipt Number, Item, PO Quantity, Received Quantity and Exceeded Quantity. If the user has received the extra quantities as compared to PO order quantities in that case, he can also see the exceed amount of quantities under the Exceeded Quantity column.
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