History Button in O/E entry

By | June 20, 2014

Is there a way where i can see the sale history of the order that are already shipped or invoiced?  There are some questions which are being popped up in my mind at the time of order entry that I would like to check the sale history of the order I just entered. Have the items been shipped to same customer previously?  What if I want to check a particular customer’s invoice/shipment or return history for an item?

We know that we can easily get the sale history as a whole for all the items and customers in SAGE, but here we can see the history of an invoiced or shipped item with a customer and vice versa.

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In SAGE 300 ERP if you are viewing order history for a customer, the program lists all the items used on invoices or returns for the customer for the selected range of years and periods. Likewise, if you are viewing sales history for an item, the program lists all the customers to which you sold the item for the selected range of years and periods.

How to reach this button?

Here you go: O/E Transactions – O/E order entry – Down below on form you see HISTORY button.


This history button helps you to see the total no. of sales for a customer and items which have been shipped or invoiced. We can check the order return and cost of sales too.  After you click on History button you will get to see the other window displaying the O/E sales history records and on click of detail button you will get the details of an actual document.

Example: If i am entering an order for an item, before posting I can check the sales history of that particular item with customers. We do have a provision to select by items or by customers.

When we select by item number:

sales history

Here we see all the customers for the selected item and further details..
When we select by Customer name:

Sales history

Here we see all the items for the selected customer with further details.

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