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Options for maintaining Sales History in Sage 300

Many customers have questions about maintaining the sale & purchase inventory in one place. For fulfilling this requirement they purchase and implement an ERP system. Through this blog we will go through the options for maintain the sales history with different options in Sage 300. For configure the setting of sales history go to Order… Read More »

Tax Classes in Sage 300 ERP

Sage 300 ERP provides solution to maintain the sales and purchase of goods as per user requirements. In our previous blog Taxes in Sage 300 ERP we had discussed about tax configuration, going further, in this blog we will discuss about Tax classes in detail. Tax classes are used to define multiple tax classes for… Read More »

Sage 300 ERP for Ceramics Industry

The word Ceramic comes from Greek word ‘Keramikos’ which means ‘for pottery’ / ‘of pottery’. Unlike the origin of the word ceramics industry touches more than 1 aspect of our day to day lives, may it be utensils, sanitary ware, tiles, tooth implants, artwork, insulators or bad conductors for electricity ceramics are widely used.  … Read More »