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Sage 300 – Option to Set Default Aging Period

Sage 300’s various modules facilitate the provision to set four slots for default aging period. These slots are further used in various aging repots to display periodic results. New stuff: Account Receivable – Invoice Sales Split Tab in Sage 300 This option is provided in Options screen of Account Receivable, Account Payable, Inventory Control, Order… Read More »

Allow Non Inventory Item Option in PO

All purchase order documents require item numbers and details before you can save and post the transactions. In Sage 300 ERP there is a setting In PO Option, with a check box ‘Allow Non Inventory Items’ under the ‘Processing’ tab [please find screen shot below]. New Stuff :Confirmation message in IC Transactions Purchase Orders–>P/O Setup–>Options… Read More »

Generate SO and PO for non-existing Vendors and Customers in Sage 300 ERP

Sage 300 ERP provides you an option to generate Sales and Purchase Orders for those Customers and vendors who do not exist in database.Allow Non-Existing Vendors:In P/O Option setting, there is a check box “Allow Non Existing Vendors”  under the ‘Processing’ tab.[Refer screenshot below].GUMU Sage CRM Integrations : Sage ERP X3 | Sage 100 | Sage 500 | Sage 300 Generally Sage 300… Read More »