Allow Remit To Information To be Changed

By | May 22, 2015

In this blog post, we will discuss about another feature of Sage 300 ERP ‘Allow Remit To Information To be Changed’. In A/P Option setting, there is a check box ‘Allow Remit To Information To be Changed’‘under the ‘Transactions’ tab [Refer screenshot below].
To achieve this, navigate to Accounts Payable –> A/P Setup –> Options
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Ap Options 1
With this option checked, user will be allowed to do changes to remit-to location information on the Payment Entry form.
AP payment with checked option
While doing AP Payment, click on the zoom button along the “Remit To”, the above message will pop up in enabled mode. By default it will show you the data from master. But it will allow user to change address and remit to details. This option may be useful when user wants to change the remit to location information at the time of payment and the same changes will be saved only for that particular payment.
With this option unchecked, the Remit To and Address details in Remit to Location pop up will be in disabled mode. [Refer Below screen Shots].
AP payment with unchecked option
Here you can view the details, but will not be able to change anything. Thus in order to do changes at the time of payment, you need to check the option.
However, this option can be changed any time as per the convenience of the user.
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