Allow editing of external batches

By | October 30, 2014

In this blog post, we will discuss about an option in Sage 300 ERP ‘Allow Edit of External batches’. In A/P Options setting, there is a check box ‘Allow Edit of External batches’ under the ‘Processing’ tab [Refer screenshot below].
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This check box restricts user from editing the external AP batches (that are generated from PO). If the check box is unchecked, then it does not allow editing of AP batches generated from PO. If the check box is checked, then it allows the User to edit the AP batches.
Suppose the check box is unchecked and if you are trying to open the batch, following message will be displayed,
Once you close this message and open the invoice, you will not be allowed to change the content of the batch [Refer below screen shot] as it will be in Read Only mode.
Thus, this option helps in reducing the errors from accidental editing of the batches. However, you can change this option whenever you want.
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