Incomplete Sales order detail report

By | October 15, 2015

The Sales Order is a confirmation document that is sent to the customers before the delivery of goods or services. After receiving the PO, the customers may request SO to know about the exact date of delivery for the goods or services ordered. Also the inventory/production department refer to the list of Sales Orders to see what needs to be shipped out and when.
In order to keep track of sales order i.e. how many sales order were completed and how many are still pending, Greytrix has developed a Reporting solution named “Incomplete Sales order detail report” which gives us a complete idea about the number of Incomplete Sales order and its details.
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Filter can be set for Incomplete Sales order detail report for:-
Sales order number and
Expected ship date
Also records can be sort based on two options:-
Order Number
Primary Salesperson
Report provides details in sales order like Sales order number, customer number, order date, expected ship date, item number, total quantity ordered, pending quantity to be shipped etc.
So Greytrix “Incomplete Sales Order Detail Report” ensures tracking of sales orders for any organization.
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