Error: “Control is not properly installed” while opening customized screen in Sage 300 ERP

By | June 6, 2017

We have many situations where we customize the Sage 300 ERP screens and get the error while opening the customized screen “Control is not properly installed”. Sometimes this error occurs only for certain systems and the screen works fine on other systems. The reason behind this error is that the Sage 300 is unable to locate the CLSID specified for the control in the registry and the roto.dat file of the selected module.
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We will take the example of the O/E Order Entry screen which is customized and is throwing an error “Control is not properly installed” while opening the screen from Sage 300 ERP Desktop.

We can investigate to check whether the cause of the error is due to the mismatched CLSID following below steps:

  1. Open the registry (Run “regedit” command) and search for the control causing the error i.e. in our case “AccpacOE1100UICtrl”. Navigate to the CLSID of the control, the class id is available under Data column ({CAF35233-78CD-4852-BEDF-D01B323F953A}).

  2.  Execute the “rotoedit.exe” available only if the Sage 300 SDK is installed. This executable is present under path “\Pluswdev\BIN\”.

  3. Open the “roto.dat” file for the module i.e. OE module. Scroll to locate the control ID “OE1100” and click on Edit. The last part under the Module contains the CLSID present in the registry ({caf35233-78cd-4852-bedf-d01b323f953b}).

  4. Compare the same with the CLSID of the registry and make sure that roto.dat contains the same ID as that in the registry and save the changes.

5. Reopen Sage 300 Company and the O/E Order Entry screen where you will be now able to open the screen and the error no more exists.

Alternatively, you can also check with the other solution as the cause of the issue may differ from system to system. Follow “Control is not properly installed” error in Sage 300 ERP.

So, this can be helpful when the developer cannot track the cause and all the permissions are granted correctly but the registry for some systems changed.

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