IC Location Details Report

By | August 21, 2015

Inventory Control as name suggests, supervises the supply, storage and accessibility of an item or inventory. This module plays a very important role in business as it keeps a track of inventory that the company has.
In Sage 300, we have I/C Location Details Report which lists information for items at each location where you allow the items to be stocked.
To print this report navigates to:   Inventory Control–>I/C Setup Reports–>Location Details.
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This report is printed from the standard UI Screen which has the following Filters:
Sort By: Specify the whether to sort location detail records by item number or location.
From and To Location: Specify a range locations to include in the report.
From and To Item Number: Specify a range Item to include in the report.
Print: Select the type of location details to print. This option allows the user to select one of the below options.
1)All Location Details
2)Location Details with Items Allowed
3)Location Details with Item not Allowed
The report prints the below information:
• Whether any transactions have been posted involving the item. “Yes” indicates that transactions have been posted for the item.
• Whether the item is allowed to be used in transactions at a location.
• Location and its Description
• Item And Its Description
• Picking Sequence
• Item’s costing Unit of Measure: This column shows the unit of measure the item has such as (Ea, LTR, and Kg) etc.
• If you added field names to the Alternate Amount 1 Name and Alternate Amount 2 Name fields on the Processing tab of the Options screen, columns using these names are added to the Location Details screen, where you can enter cost amounts. The report then shows this field and its value in the report.
• Most Recent Cost: This column defines the cost which is most recently being used to the item quantity on hand.
• Standard Cost: This column shows the Standard cost which we have used for this particular item.
• Last Unit Cost: This column shows the last unit cost which we have used for this particular item.
After applying the filter criteria, report will get printed [Refer below Screenshot]:
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