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Customization on Stock Transfer Location

As per the Business aspects sometimes it happens that you need to transfer the multiple stock from one location to the other location.  Sage 300 has provision to record the stock transfers between physical inventory locations using I/C transfer screen. I/C Transfer entry updates the item quantities status from another location without changing the total… Read More »

Receiving Location cost cannot exceed the defined limit in customized IC Transfer screen

Now a days most of us are already aware about the standard Sage 300 I/C transfer screen functionality. In this blog, we are going to discuss about some additional functionality which we have customized. Let’s take a short overview of standard Sage 300 I/C transfer screen functionality. Use I/C Transfers screen to: Enter and post… Read More »

Transit Utility to keep record for material when it’s in Transit mode

One transfer transaction moves the goods into transit, it is known as Transit Transfer, while the second transaction receives them at the destination location is called as Transit Receipt. There are certain scenarios in trading and manufacturing industries, where many times not receiving materials to location and on hand but how can use an actual track of… Read More »

Customized Stock Transfer

Some time in business it may happen that you have stored some inventory at one location and now you want to transfer them to another location. Sage 300 ERP has provided the users with screen named as IC Transfer which record stock transfers between physical inventory locations, if you store inventory items at more than… Read More »