Workstation setup vs. client server installation

By | October 25, 2019

Many people have a confusion whether sage 300 performances are better with Workstation Setup or Client server installation.

In this blog we are going to discuss the Performance difference between the Workstation setup and Client Server Installation. Also we will look in to the Pros and Cons of both the workstation setup and client server installation.

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A workstation is a computer that connects to a server to access Sage 300 ERP. Workstations are used for the multi-user operation. In a workstation, users can access server computer that hosts Sage 300 ERP Program and data which will run the Sage 300 Desktop.

To experience a seamless and easy installation of Sage 300 ERP Workstation Setup, please follow our below blog link:-

Installation of Sage 300 ERP Workstation Setup

We will see the pros and cons of workstation setup as everything has its own pros and cons:

Pros for Workstation Setup:-

  1. Workstation setup is much easier than other.
  2. Workstation setup helps in multi-user operation instead of installing the complete Sage 300 Setup at each user end.

Cons for Workstation Setup:-

The big Disadvantage of workstation setups is- If anything happens to the program files on the server, it will affects Each and Every User who uses Sage.

The Client/Server is faster, as all the program files are on the local machine, rather than being fetched over the network. A single person is accessing program files from their local SSD drive will always be faster than many people accessing the same program files on a server.

Pros for Client/Server:-

  1. Client/Server Installation allows to load files faster than other server.
  2. Required Less network traffic

Cons for Client/Server:-

Client/Server installation is a lengthy process it requires Sage ID, Company Name, modules installed, etc., at the ready because you will be prompted for each install you do.