Restrict Posting of Manufacturing Order Entry screen on overstocking of finished goods

By | October 30, 2019

As per the Business aspects, sometimes it happens that you need to restrict the overstocking of Semi-finished and finished goods and goods and thus want to restrict the posting of Manufacturing order entry in the system. We have multiple modules where we usually do the transaction in the standard way but we cannot restrict manufacturing order entries based on the standard functionality.

Here we come up with the new feature of Customization in Sage 300, while we customize the standard screens of Sage 300 as per our customer requirements without harming the standard functionality of Sage 300.

New Stuff: – Customization on Stock Transfer Location

We have customized the standard screen of MF Manufacturing order Entry screen as the user is going to define the maximum level in IC Reorder quantity. At the time of posting of MO entry system should check and restrict if manufacturing order quantity + Stock quantity is greater than the maximum stock.

To fetch MF Manufacturing Order entry screen: – Manufacturing–>MF transaction–>Manufacturing Order Entries (Refer below screenshot)

Let’s take an example to understand this functionality suppose, at the time of creating Manufacturing Order entries we have inserted Item Number “A1-103/0” with Qty Order “10” then we need to check Qty on hand for the same Item “A1-103/0 ” and we need to consider here location which starts from FP, QA and SF that means from Location details screen system found “4“number of location which is FPABC (Qty 1), FPNMB(Qty 1), QABCN (Qty 1), QALIT (Qty35).
(Refer below screenshot)

then we need to add Qty for “4” location and system found 38 Quantity then we need to check addition of Quantity on hand and Quantity Order from manufacturing order screen that means (38+10) is greater than Maximum Quantity “42” (this Quantity is sum of location which starts from FP, QA and SF ) of item “ A1-103/0 ” from IC Reorder quantities screen if yes then system will throw the error message “You should not post MO entry, Stock 38 ( this will be from Location details  ), MO Quantity 10 ( header level Quantity order Field from MO Order entry screen ) and Max Level. 42 (Maximum Quantity field from IC Reorder quantities screen)” 

This customization would be helpful when you want to restrict goods and restrict the posting of Manufacturing order entry if IC Reorder quantities more than Quantity on hand for the respective location.