Payment Banking Format

By | November 27, 2019

Using Payment Entry screen user can enter new payment entries and enter the general information for a check, the vendor number, , the check date, and whether you are recording information for a check that is already issued or printing it from Accounts Payable but how we can manage all the details in the single file?

New Stuff :- Mailing functionality in Payment Advice Report

So In this blog, we are going to discuss about the “Payment Banking Format” which we have developed for one of our customers. The report will include details of Payment and the same will get exported in “text” format.

The report data will be produced as a text exported file based. This data will be extracted based on the user-specified ‘From’ and ‘To’ batch details and entry details (refer below screenshot for more clarification.)

The user interface for “Payment Banking Format” is as displayed below.

Note: – We have considered only” Payment” Transaction Type from the AP Payment screen.

Below are some fields which get exported in the text format and we have fetched the data from header level and detail level from AP Payment Entry screen.

Let’s take short overview of generated output:

We have mentioned some fields for understanding purpose and below is the details of the generated output.

This is the Identification number to differentiate the batch.

Header level Payment Date field from the AP Payment screen.

Total number of batches. For e.g.:
If there are two batches selected from the User interface, then this field displays the total number of batches selected, which means, the Number will display ”00002”. For the total number of 10 batches it will be displayed like”00010”.

This will be Identification number to understand the batch details

This will be header level Payment date field from the AP Payment screen

This will be header level Bank Account field based on Selected Bank along with Currency which is present on Ap Payment screen

The purpose of this utility, user can easily export data in the single txt format along with the payment details and which is confidential.