Update Most Recent Cost in Location Details

By | February 18, 2020

A unit cost is a price for one item / Product or measurement, such as a pound, a kilogram, or Ea, and as per the Business aspects sometimes that you have mentioned unit price while processing the Orders.

In this blog, we will discuss about a customization done on “IC location detail screen” for one of our clients to update the Most Recent cost in Location details.

As we are aware about the standard functionality of the transaction screen, once we insert the item number on the detail level of the Respective transaction screen then the value of unit cost will be display from the Location detail screen. (Average Cost). In case if the system found Average Cost ”0” then the system picks Most Recent Cost (MRC) and get update to the field of Unit cost for the respective location.

Please note that the MRC is updated in a Location on the Creation of a PO Receipt or Inventory Transfer. If these Transactions have not taken place in a Location, MRC will be “0”. Therefore in order to avoid transaction being costed at 0, we would like MRC for an Item to be updated in all locations other than the Main Location for that Item.

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We have done the below configuration along with the customization.

we will create the Optional field =”DEFLOC”, Type: -” Text” and we will map to the IC item master and the Optional field value will be “Location code” and the description will be “Location Name”. (Refer below Screen)

Now same Optional field, we will map to the IC item from IC Item master screen and value will be location code from the above list of locations. (Refer below screen).

That means” 01” is the default location for the item Number” A1-103/0”.

Let’s understand and identify the condition when we need to update MRC in the Location Details screen.

  • If Most Recent Cost (MRC) > 0 in DEFLOC, update this Cost in IC Location Details MRC Field for remaining Locations that means if the system found most Recent cost is greater than “0” from location details screen for the default location (as per above screenshot default location is “1”) then the same value will get updated in other Reaming Location. (Refer below Location details screenshot that illustrates the MRC is greater than “0”)
  • If any Location is not available for an Item in IC Location Details, Location needs to be inserted and MRC updated as per above logic that means if System found location created from Location master screen but not present in the IC Location Details screen then the same location get inserted and value should be updated based on the above logic.
  • If DEFLOC is not available in Items or DEFLOC is not a Valid Location, skip the Item.

For the reference purpose, we will maintain Log file which includes details of item Number, DEFLOC, DEFLOC Avg Cost, DEFLOC MRC, MRC Updated status (Successful/ Unsuccessful)