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Significance of using "A/P Payment Selection Codes" screen in sage 300

When you create an automatic payment batch with Accounts Payable, you have to specify a payment selection code for the batch, which contains criteria for selecting vendors and outstanding invoices and generating transactions to pay them. Use the A/P Payment Selection Codes screen to add payment selection codes. You must create at least one payment… Read More »

Provision to set additional fiscal period for the Sage 300 Company

Sage 300 ERP facilitates the provision to set no. of fiscal periods for the organization. The fiscal periods are the divisions of one fiscal year and it helps to evaluation, summarizing and reporting of account statements. There are two options provided to set the no. of fiscal period. We can set fiscal period as 12… Read More »

Prevent invalid date entries with Warning Date Range option

In this blog post, we will discuss about the feature of sage 300 ERP to prevent Invalid Date Entries [as discussed in our previous blog]. Sage 300 ERP provides some configuration and setting which prevents Users from entering wrong data during transactions. However, this setting may sometimes lead to confusion among the Users as they… Read More »