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Adding current fiscal year to avoid unwanted errors.

In Sage 300 ERP users can face unwanted warnings related to fiscal year, when opened a new company a pop up appears saying “The session date does not exist in common services fiscal calendar. (For more information, contact your sage 300administrator or view the Fiscal Calendar in common Services.)”. It simply means that the session… Read More »


There are many benefit/advantage in implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software namely productivity, increase in efficiency costing and automating business processes.  However, businesses vary and many times client requirements will be complicated So, Today in the blog we will discuss how we can store huge information at the time of creating Entries? With the help… Read More »

Miscellaneous Charges Report in Sage 300 ERP

Miscellaneous charges are the fees that providers charge customers for a range of services additional to the normal sale. In Sage 300 we can setup the miscellaneous charges under the Sales order module. Also we can print the O/E Miscellaneous Charges report when we need to review information about the miscellaneous charges in Order Entry system… Read More »

Significance of using "A/P Payment Selection Codes" screen in sage 300

When you create an automatic payment batch with Accounts Payable, you have to specify a payment selection code for the batch, which contains criteria for selecting vendors and outstanding invoices and generating transactions to pay them. Use the A/P Payment Selection Codes screen to add payment selection codes. You must create at least one payment… Read More »

Provision to set additional fiscal period for the Sage 300 Company

Sage 300 ERP facilitates the provision to set no. of fiscal periods for the organization. The fiscal periods are the divisions of one fiscal year and it helps to evaluation, summarizing and reporting of account statements. There are two options provided to set the no. of fiscal period. We can set fiscal period as 12… Read More »

Post Reconciliation from Reconcile statement screen in Sage 300 ERP 2016

Various new features and changes have been introduced in Sage 300 ERP 2016.In this blog, we will be discussing about new feature i.e.; On the Reconcile Statements screen, a new Post button allows user to post bank reconciliations. New stuff: Streamlined Order Entry Process On the Reconcile Statements screen, a new Post button allows user… Read More »

Bank Reconciliation Status Report in Sage 300

The Bank Reconciliation Status of SAGE 300 ERP lists the status of all transactions for bank accounts, with the amount stated in the bank’s statement currency. The report includes: For each bank: Lists of transactions and subtotals for all transactions that appear on the Reconcile Statements form. The bank total (the sum of all transactions… Read More »

Transaction History Inquiry

Transaction history inquiry of SAGE 300 ERP helps you to find details such of payment, receipt transactions, originating in Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and Bank services Module. The Transaction History Inquiry lists transactions by number and includes, date, description amount, reconciliation status, reconciliation date and reconciliation description. One can also apply additional criteria to restrict… Read More »