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Enhance Lot Allocation in the Order Entry Module screens by adding extra columns

Customizing the Lot allocation screen in Sage 300 to include additional columns that provide more details about specific lot numbers is a great initiative. This customization can greatly enhance the usability and data reporting capabilities of the system. By adding extra columns, you can capture and store relevant information about the lot numbers, making it… Read More »

Migrate Credit Note from Sage Business Vision to Sage 300 ERP

GUMU™ for Sage Business Vision to Sage 300 ERP is a Sage certified Migration solution. Greytrix provides migration services at its Sage Migration Centre and fulfils the business requirements. In this blog you will get to know how GUMU™ migrates Sales Invoice from Business Vision ERP to Sage 300 ERP. New Stuff: Migrate Sales Invoice from Business Vision… Read More »

Configure Reverse Charge Mechanism for Service Tax in Sage 300 ERP

In our previous blog, we discussed about “Use Reverse Charge Mechanism for Service Tax in Sage 300 ERP”. However, before starting to use Reverse Charge Mechanism, user has to configure the process in Sage 300 ERP (formerly Sage Accpac ERP). In this blog, we would discuss and will help users to understand the process to… Read More »

Auto Apply Option for AR Receipt in Sage 300 ERP

While creating Receipt Entry in Sage 300 ERP (formerly known as Sage Accpac ERP) user needs to select each document individually against which receipt would be prepared. Sometimes, user may also require applying Single receipt for number of outstanding transactions at once. In such cases, Auto Apply option in AR Receipt Entry UI can be… Read More »