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Item-Wise Consumption Report

Enterprise Resource planning is business software that integrates and runs all aspect of your business. ERP systems have evolved today to include several new functional application integration like vendor portals, product wise view and functionality, single view of the complete supply chain, etc. New stuff: New feature at Greymatrix : Generate/Update Item on Range of Style… Read More »

AR Options — Include Tax in Statistics in Sage 300 ERP

In our previous blog we discussed about “Allow Edit in Statistics in Sage 300 ERP”. Extending the discussion further we will now see how to Include Tax in Statistics for Items under AR Options. New Stuff: Knowing Pending Transaction In AR Customer Inquiry In order to access this feature you need to navigate to Account Receivable… Read More »

Migrate Sales Department Code from Sage Business Vision to Sage 300 ERP

GUMU™ for Sage Business Vision to Sage 300 ERP is a Sage certified Migration solution.Greytrix is a pioneer in providing Migration services at its Sage Migration Centre and catering end-user business requirements. We at Greytrix are focused to help the end –user in successfully implementing the new Sage 300 ERP system through our various successful… Read More »

Use Item Comment as Default – AR Setup Options

In Chemical or mobile manufacturing industries, users need to print comment i.e. a warning message while invoicing the customer. These comments remain same for particular item each time the Item is invoiced. With the help of Sage 300 ERP, user can default the AR Item comments such (Hazardous warning message, composition and package content etc.)… Read More »

How to filter finder based on optional fields

In our previous blog, on Optional field we had discussed about the feature ‘Validate’ and ‘Allow blank’. http://www.greytrix.com/blogs/sageaccpacerp/2014/04/26/validate-optional-field-in-sage-300-erp/ In this blog, we will discuss about ability of the finder to filter based on the optional field data. The New Stuff : Print picking slip after creation of OE Invoice in Sage 300 Sage 300 ERP… Read More »

Populate Items on Order Entry Screen using Template Code

In our earlier blog, we had discussed about the standard Template Code feature available in Sage 300 Order Entry. http://www.greytrix.com/blogs/sageaccpacerp/2014/02/18/template-feature-for-order-entry-in-sage-300-erp/ In addition to the standard fields, we have enhanced the template code feature, where, we have customized and added an additional functionality to auto – populate order detail items on the selection of the Template… Read More »

Migration of Item Transactions from QuickBooks to Sage 300 ERP

Today, lets see how GUMU Migration converts Inventory Valuation data from QuickBooks to Sage (Accpac) 300 ERP. <<If you would like to see how your quickbooks data will look into Sage (Accpac) 300 ERP after migration, you can download this Sage Accpac Shell company from our website which has QuickBooks sample data migrated using our GUMU solution>> Basically… Read More »