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Enhance Lot Allocation in the Inventory Control Module screens by adding extra columns

The initiative to customize the Lot allocation screen within Sage 300 by incorporating supplementary columns holds substantial merit. This customization stands to significantly enhance the system’s user experience and its capacity for data analysis. The inclusion of these extra columns serves to capture and present finer-grained specifics pertaining to individual lot numbers, thus engendering several… Read More »

IC Serial/Lot Stock Listing report to know the detailed information of Lot Inventory

Inventory management is a critical skill for all stock-based enterprises. It is, however, a need for individuals in the manufacture, distribution, and retailing of perishable commodities. The perishable commodities are marked with batch codes in addition to serial numbers, allowing businesses who deal with this type of stock to track things that have passed their… Read More »

Enhance Lot Allocation in the Order Entry Module screens by adding extra columns

Customizing the Lot allocation screen in Sage 300 to include additional columns that provide more details about specific lot numbers is a great initiative. This customization can greatly enhance the usability and data reporting capabilities of the system. By adding extra columns, you can capture and store relevant information about the lot numbers, making it… Read More »

How to allocate a Serial and Lot number at Order Entry screen in Sage 300 ERP

In our last blog on serialized inventory we had discussed about “Allow duplicate serial number”. There are scenarios wherein the user would need to allocate the Serial numbers and Lot numbers at the time of creating Sales Orders. In order to allow the Serial and Lot number allocation at sales order entry level, Sage 300… Read More »

New Unit Cost field on IC Lot Numbers Inquiry in Sage 300 ERP 2012

In Product Update 2 of Sage 300 ERP 2012; IC Lot Numbers Inquiry screen includes new Unit Cost filed which displays the unit cost of items in a particular lot. In this blog; we will find out how the unit cost is calculated. To use this feature; first of all you need to install Product… Read More »