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Location Mismatch Warning on Order Entry screen

In Sage 300 ERP, Order Entry Screen is used to place orders for different locations against customers. Basically, Locations defined on Order Entry screen for Header field flows directly to detail level Location. But sometimes Items may not be available for few Locations or Users are not supposed to pick items from such locations. In… Read More »

Error: Permission Denied while making OCX

Sage 300 provides an SDK using which a developer can customize an existing OCX screen. This customized screen needs to be upgraded with a higher version of sage 300 when you upgrade your Sage 300 to higher version. While upgrading this customized source code with a higher version and making the OCX, sometimes we can… Read More »

How to use CSQRY using .NetAPI in C#

CSQRY CSQRY is the View CS0120. It basically takes SQL Query as the parameter to its Browse method and then returns the records via calls to Fetch. CSQRY is easy to execute general SQL statements through the Sage 300 API. This way we don’t need additional database credentials and don’t need to use an alternate… Read More »

Date of last Day End Run on IC Day end processing Screen in Sage 300 v2018

Use the I/C Day End Processing screen to: Update costing data for all transactions (unless you chose the option to update costing during posting). Produce general ledger journal entries from the transactions that were posted during the day (unless you do item costing during posting or create G/L transactions using the Create G/L Batch icon).… Read More »

New features and improvements on OE Invoice screen in Sage 300 v2018

Overview of OE Invoice Screen Use the O/E Invoice Entry screen to enter prepayments, and to enter, post, print, and export invoices. On the O/E Invoice Entry screen, you can: Enter prepayments for invoices Export invoices Print receipts (for prepayments) and invoices immediately after posting Customer Tab Use the Customer tab to specify information about… Read More »

Barcode integration with GRN Screen in Sage300

Use the Receipt Entry screen to: Enter receipts of goods into Purchase Orders—for inventory or non-inventory items. Edit existing receipts. Enter or change the vendor address information. Enter additional costs for receipts (from primary or secondary vendors). Invoice receipts and additional costs. New Stuff: Customized UI for Export Sales Details in CSV Format In this blog,… Read More »