Phone Type Field in Web services

By | September 25, 2014

Hi folks! Web Services is a methodology which gives developers to add out of the box functionalities in web applications. Sage CRM also support web services and provides very authentic way to work with them. Working with web services is quite complex task and sometimes tricky..!!
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I was working on an assignment of developing a module to retrieve person details using Sage CRM web services. And I wish to share my code snippet with you’ll. This snippet will help you in fetching person details easily with multiple phone numbers of different type.
ewarebaselist CRMPhoneList = new ewarebaselist();
phone CRMSinglePhone;
CRMPhoneList =;
for (int i = 0; i <= CRMPhoneList.records.GetUpperBound(0); i++)
CRMSinglePhone = (phone)CRMPhoneList.records[i];
int phoneid = CRMSinglePhone.phoneid;
string PhoneType = “”;
queryrecordresult PhoneLinkRecordResult = CRMService.queryrecord(“plink_type”, “plink_phoneid=” + phoneid.ToString(), “phonelink”, “plink_linkid”);
crmrecord[] PhoneLinkRecordList = PhoneLinkRecordResult.records;
for (int intCount = 0; intCount < PhoneLinkRecordList.Length; intCount++)
recordfield[] myFieldList = PhoneLinkRecordList[intCount].records;
for (int intCount2 = 0; intCount2 < myFieldList.Length; intCount2++)
recordfield myField = (recordfield)myFieldList[intCount2];
PhoneType = myField.value;
Hope this will help you..!!!
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