DCOM configurations on 64 bit server and 32 bit Microsoft office – Part 2

By | March 13, 2015

We have been writing blogs explaining the tips to troubleshoot issues while working with Microsoft Interop Assemblies. This blog is in continuation of previously written blog which you can refer below.

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I had discussed couple of settings which should be configured in DCOM CONFIG in my previous blog. But sometimes even after following all the settings and configurations correctly, this thing refuses to work. After struggling a bit more, I found a few settings to be done and thought it worth sharing.

Here is how you can do the settings –

1. Go to Start| Run | Dcomcnfg.
2. Expand the Component Services | Computers.
3. Right click on My Computer Properties and select the COM Security tab.


4. Under Access Permissions and Launch and Activation panel, add ‘Network Service’ object name by clicking on Edit Limits button as shown below.


5. Similarly add another object name by clicking on Advanced button. Then find and select the user named ‘IUSR’ as shown in below image.


6. In this way, you will be able to provide full access control permissions to both the objects.

Once you are done saving all the settings, run the routine and you can see the issue has been resolved.

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