Calling Javascript function from Workflow progress screen

By | September 4, 2015

By far we all know, Sage CRM has been proved very much capable to handle various tricky scenarios through implementation. Client side API has reduced lot of customization efforts through the JavaScript codes used in it. We have already posted few blogs about writing JavaScript codes in .js files and calling the same in Custom Content of any screen. Below explained is one such article that will give you an idea that how we can call “.js” page from workflow progress screen.
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One of our client had a requirement to display a particular field on workflow progress screen based on the value selected from other field. Basically, it was a requirement of field hide and show but on the workflow progress screen. As we all know, to achieve the same for any entity’s summary screen is quite easy i.e. we can simply call our page from “Custom Content” section. But the challenge to do the same in workflow progress screen was that CRM do not have any “Custom Content” section in workflow progress screen. To achieve the same refer the below given solution –
1. Log in to “CRM”.
2. Go to “Administration | Customization | Translations”
3. Tick the “Inline Translation Mode” option.
4. Now, progress your workflow action till that particular rule where you want to call “.js” file.
5. Once you get your rule then click on that rule.
6. Now, click on the “*” next to status as shown below. This will open the translation screen.
7. Paste your code in the US Translation and UK Translation fields and save.
//Start of Snippet//
<script language=javascript src=”..\CustomPages\Opportunity\OppoProgress.js”></SCRIPT> 
if (typeof window.addEventListener != ‘undefined’)
window.addEventListener(“load”,fn_OppoprogressOnload, false);
else if(window.attachEvent)

//End of Snippet//
Above script is just an example how to call your “.js” file in “US” and “UK” translation as shown below.
In this way, you can call the required “.jS” file from workflow progress screen.
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