Set Info Message Color Based On Opportunity Stage

By | March 9, 2016

In one of our earlier blog we have discussed about Information and Error message feature of Sage CRM 7.2. Information and Error Message feature in Sage CRM v7.2
Now in this blog we are going to discuss the additional uses of Information Message in Sage CRM. We all know Sage CRM Pipeline shows the quick view of the current status of Opportunities, Cases, Leads, etc. based on the respective stages in CRM. This view is available under MY CRM, Team CRM tabs. Refer below screenshot.
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Some customers have the requirement of red to a lost opportunity and green for one, which is won  However we cannot modify the color stages of the pipeline to set as per our choice as they are something which are handled internally and is not available to us to alter.
A quick thought that came into my mind was to display info message color band based on our choice on Opportunity summary record so that user can be notified on Opportunity record at quick glance.
For e.g. If Opportunity stage is set to deal won then on its summary page we can show it in Green color as ‘Opportunity Won’ or for lost we can show in Red color so when user visits the Opportunity record, info message color only indicates the Opportunity stage.  All we need to do is set background color to Info Content CSS.  The above functionality can be achieved by using following scenario.
If for lost Opportunity we want to display info message in red color, we can do it by following below steps:
1) Go to Administrator->Customization
2) From Secondary entity , select Opportunity Progress– > Screens
3) Select OpportunityStatusBox screen.
4) On Custom Content write following code as shown below and click on save.
Custom Content Code :
if(document.getElementById(“_HIDDENoppo_stage”).value == “DealLost”)
crm.infoMessage(“Opportunity Lost”);
$(“#_icTable.InfoContent”).css(“background-color”, “red”);
Now select any Opportunity from CRM whose stage is “Deal Lost”.  CRM info message be in red color as shown below:
And if for won opportunity, we want to show in green color then use the following code:
if(document.getElementById(“_HIDDENoppo_stage”).value == “Sold”)
crm.infoMessage(“Opportunity Won”);
$(“#_icTable.InfoContent”).css(“background-color”, “green”);

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