Sage CRM 7.3 SP3 Enhancement

By | January 31, 2017

With the introduction of latest Sage CRM 7.3 patch i.e. SP3 they have come up with great enhancements in terms of UI/UX which has increased user experience.
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Let’s see each of them in this blog.
1. Navigation Bar:
The navigation bar is now more fit to screen and has increased user work space in almost all the screens. Also, rather than scrolling your screen from right to left just to see additional tab of any entity now it will be wrapped up completely.

2. Shortcuts Menu Bar:
The shortcut icons of the Menu Bar are also changed and now are visible in a very attractive way in 7.3 SP3 patch.

3. Save , Cancel and Help buttons:
In earlier versions of Sage CRM, screens of all the entities may it be entry screen or summary screen; the Buttons such as Save, Change or Continue had their positions fixed i.e. besides the top right corner of the form. Due to this, if any customized screen had large number of fields then it lead to scrolling vertically.
However, in 7.3 SP3 patch along with other look and feel aspects even this functionality has been modified. If any user tends to scroll the screen vertically, then the set of Buttons made available on the respective screen will also be re-positioned as shown below.

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