Role of “CRMEmailPhoneData” table in Sage CRM

By | May 4, 2017

Each application have a backend (SQL, Oracle etc.). A database is a collection of information that is organized so that it can easily be accessed, managed and updated. In Sage CRM different tables are available, each table contains different data information. Tables are nothing but the collection of rows and columns as we already know. While working on CRM Database one of the table caught my attention. Table name is “CRMEmailPhoneData”.

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As per the table name, table contains records related to Business Email, Business Phone Numbers and Fax Phone Numbers.  While working on same we got more information related to that table are as below.

1)  In this table whenever we create the record for company and person with phone and email address it will add those records into the table. For company entity it will add record with epd_EntityId =5 and for Person entity it will save the record with epd_EntityId =13.

2) Similarly it will save only Business Email address into epd_EmailAddress column but if we keep Business Email address as blank and add other email address like Sales and Support into company or person then it will not add those Email addresses into epd_EmailAddress table. Changes to other types of records will be ignored by the triggers. E.g. if we update the Sales phone number there will be no change in the CRMEmailPhoneData table.

3) Also in this table there is another column name as epd_RecordId. For company record this column will add company ID (comp_companyID) and for person record this will add person ID (pers_PersonId).

4) epd_PhoneId column contain Phone Id (phon_PhoneId) and epd_FaxId column contain Fax Id which is nothing but same field as phone Id field (phon_PhoneId).

This table is maintained by triggers on PhoneLink and EmailLink table. It‘s never updated automatically.

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