Sage CRM adds more to your business operations tracking; goes beyond sales & customer relationship management

By | May 9, 2017

“Now you can manage contracts, budgeting, internal resource tracking, training & membership management, projects and much more all inside a single application.” Read further to know how.

CRM applications have evolved over the years with capabilities to do much more than managing traditional sales and marketing processes. Organizations using Sage CRM are already aware of the scalability, robustness, ease of deployment and usability, giving a broader scope to expand the application to support more areas of the business. With growth in technology and expansion of available data, business operations have become complex and need tools to facilitate faster and better decision making.

One method to achieve better management and visibility is to integrate various systems to share operational data. Another method is to consolidate your departmental processes into one single application.

This article focuses on consolidating business processes onto a single application i.e. Sage CRM, which already has capabilities to link your marketing automation, case management, and nurture leads. Sage CRM can also expand into different areas of the business to help acquire a new customer, cross-sell and engage with them to nurture and manage internal business operations. Alongside it also provides quick and easy answers to management and most of all to retain customer with better service and support tracking.  So many functionalities inside Sage CRM itself, how? There’s a solution that integrates the various components of business to create a holistic business management suite-

Greytrix Sage CRM Business Manager consists of 5 key components to manage and track ongoing projects, resource allocations, event management, job & contract management, and budgeting inside Sage CRM. These activities link for each customer giving sales, support and management visibility into the ongoing activities, thereby ensuring profits by reducing operational costs.

Components of Business Manager

Sage CRM Project Planner – Project Planner administers the project management tasks and resources by recording and keeping track of project milestones, creating an enhanced projection of interactive project roadmap and tracking each activity to ensure the project is on track with its estimates.

Sage CRM Event Manager – Business events and meetings play a crucial role in engaging your customers and keeping them informed of your new offerings. With Sage CRM Event Manager, you experience easy access and tracking of every activity related to the events & its process, benchmark how various events have been performing and obtain data to help you increase event participation and attendance.

Sage CRM Contract Manager – Sage CRM Contract Manager allows centralized, strategizing and systemizing the entire contract lifecycle from expiration to renewal. This end to end contract management to track tasks reduces errors and latency thereby optimizing the lifetime value of your business relationships and secure more contracts.

Sage CRM Budget PlannerSage CRM Budget Planner forms an effective budgeting software to track and maintain the budget for projects, events and stay on track with estimates and actual expenses. The budget planner forms an integral method inside Sage CRM to obtain an overall view of your actual operating expenses to meet your customers’ needs.

Sage CRM Resource Planner – The Resource Planner provides a visual representation of all your available resources, their assigned activities and tracking the status to ensure timely delivery of associated tasks and assignments. Sage CRM Resource Planner also provides a calendar view for adjusting any unprecedented shifts in resource availability and reassigning tasks at hand.

These are key 5 components that make Greytrix Sage CRM Business Manager capable of generating more transactional views inside the application. While we mentioned key components there are several other capabilities worth mentioning that makes it a more comprehensive and powerful tool particularly if your business relies on mobile applications and handheld devices for supply chain operations.

Extending Greytrix Sage CRM Business Manager with other applications to add more…

  • Providing Mobility to your Business (Sage CRM Mobile Service Signature): While desktops still are the primary method of data monitoring, there’s no denying that handheld smart devices such as mobile phones, M-POS, M-printing devices have supplemented and accelerated business operations. Smart device penetration and streamlined field operations processes such as Job sign-offs, remote access to job sheets, updates have all become easier with Sage CRM Mobile Service Signature. This has eliminated human errors, minimized paper-based documentation, as a result, optimizing time, reducing costs and increasing the ROI because of fast turnaround time.

  • Sage CRM Membership Management helps organizations manage and track membership, interaction and communication with its members. It also helps organization in streamlining the registration, accreditation process and the coordination of training courses and events.

  • Sage CRM Training Management manages key resources, schedules, and training course communications. It also streamlines the registration, attendance, and tracking process for the training workshops. It is capable of managing pricing & promotional discounts for the course and helps in getting updates on registrations & potential revenue.

Watch how Greytrix Business Manager can take control of business operations within Sage CRM:

To make the most of your Sage CRM business management system, watch webcast and explore the possibilities your business can achieve with this holistic Sage CRM Business Manager Suite!