Adding Hyperlinks to URLs in E-mail template

By | September 28, 2020

In Sage CRM, by default URL fields added to an email template will not be hyperlinked. If an URL entered in a text field is added to an E-mail template, it appears as plain text. A hyperlink will not be added unless a user edits email after selecting a template. In this blog, we will explain how to add hyperlinks to URLs in E-mail template.

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Consider you want to add a hyperlink to URL entered in details field in an opportunity. Refer the below screenshot.

opportunity Field
Opportunity Field

Below are the steps that you need to follow
1. Navigate to below path
Administration | E-mail and Documents | E-mail Templates
2. Click new to create a new template or select any template to edit an existing template.
3. Add the required fields from the ‘Choose field to insert into the E-mail’ drop down list.
4. Click on the Source button. By doing so, E-mail template’s HTML can be edited directly in HTML format. Refer below screenshot.

Email Template
Email Template

5. Copy and Paste the below lines in the editor and save the template.
Details = <a href=”#oppo_note#”>#oppo_note#</a>
Refer below screenshot.

Email Template Source
Email Template Source

Now edit the Template and you should see the Hyperlink added to your email template. Hope this information help!

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