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Display List on Communication screen – Part II

In our previous blog, we have explained the functionality to display the list on Standard Communication screen by using HTML scripting. But, this time we will be explaining how to add communication list using JAVASCRIPT. New Stuff: Promoting Quote to an Order issue Here, we were asked by our customer to display past communication records regarding… Read More »

Tracking your custom fields in SageCRM

When it comes to progressing workflows, updating values in any entity of CRM Tracking is very much necessary. Being business software CRM handles very delicate data and we cannot afford anybody to just go and change anything. Hence the Tracking functionality has been provided by SageCRM out of the box. The New Stuff: Checklist for… Read More »

Sage CRM 7.2 Client Side API Adding columns to List at Runtime

Sage CRM 7.2 introduced a new powerful and simple way to use API for carrying out client side customizations. In my previous blog I had explained how we can hide and show fields using Client side API.  Below is the link for the same. New way of Client side field customizations In this blog I… Read More »

How the address is arranged over multiple lines?

In Sage CRM, you can see address of Person arranged over multiple lines as shown below. This is because the corresponding view under the Address entity is written as follows. CREATE VIEW vAddress AS SELECT ISNULL(rtrim(Addr_Address1), ”) +’ ‘+ ISNULL(rtrim(Addr_Address2), ”) +’ ‘+ ISNULL(rtrim(Addr_Address3), ”) +’ ‘+ ISNULL(rtrim(Addr_Address4), ”) +’ ‘+ ISNULL(rtrim(Addr_Address5), ”) AS Addr_Street,… Read More »