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Configure Sage 50 (US) user to access data outside the application

 If you want to access data from outside Sage 50 (US) Peachtree application, then you need to setup a “Peachtree” user under Crystal reports\Data access tab. This is the dedicated user by which any external application can access data from Sage 50. This functionality is available in Sage 50 from Sage 50 2012 version onwards. … Read More »

Instructions for moving GUMU integration to new Sage CRM or Sage 100 server

Planning to move your GUMU integrated Sage 100 server or CRM server to new and advanced one. Some simple steps to be followed to re-configure/Move your GUMU integration in the new server. In this post we will be discussing this steps which need to be followed while moving GUMU integration to new Server. Note: Below… Read More »

Sage Pro ERP Integration with Sage CRM – Troubleshooting Tips

Our GUMU integration integrates various Sage ERP’s with Sage CRM, one of them is Sage Pro. Once user has configured the integration user may come across with few issues which may be due to following reason. 1. Missing some pre-requites during the installation 2. System related issues 3. Data related issues In this blog we… Read More »

Promoting order with special Items using GUMU Sage CRM – Sage 100 Integration

Using GUMU for Sage CRM –Sage 100 integration, we can Promote orders on real time basis from Sage CRM to Sage 100.  These orders can contain any type of ITEM (Inventory, Charge, miscellaneous, Comment and Free text or special items).  For creating an order with special item, you can make use of NEW FREE TEXT ITEM… Read More »