Purging and Archiving Data in Sage X3 – Using Purge Data

By | February 24, 2012

We have already discussed briefly on the Purge Tool in our previous blog, now we will proceed with the execution of the Purge Parameters in Sage X3.

Development>Data and Parameters>Development Setup>History/Purge

Initially we will define the Purge Code in Sage X3. This function is used to define the archiving and purging procedures for a table and possibly any associated detail tables, as well as all the tables linked to it in the dictionary and whose cancellation code is set to deletion.

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The user has an option to define formula which is used to define the additional filters to archive the records. The purge function uses this formula when the archiving is not activated by the parameters.

We need to set the parameters against the purge code defined above, this will decide if the data will be archived or purged and the frequency of operations will be decided.

Lastly, we can go for purging of the data through the Usage Menu; The Utility will provide the option of Archiving/Purging the data. The option will also facilitate the user with an option of simulating the purge before proceeding for actual purge/archive.

Hope this blog helps you in defining the Purge/Archive parameters.