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How to Copy FIle in Server using .bat Process

In Sage Enterprise Management (Sage X3) we may need to copy the file from one folder to another folder. We will do it by using .bat process. Syntax: Subprog MoveFile(PATH1,PATH2) Value Char PATH1 Value Char PATH2 Local integer RETURN_VALUE RETURN_VALUE=Delfile(filpath(“TMP”,””,””,””,””,adxmac(0))+’\Copy.bat’) Local Char WRET(250) (0..4) Openo filpath(“TMP”,””,””,””,””,adxmac(0))+’\Copy.bat’ Using [FACS] WRET(0)=”copy “+PATH1+” “+PATH2 Wrseq WRET(0) Using [FACS]… Read More »

How to link Menu Item to Excel | Sage Enterprise Management

We have come across the requirement where excel data needs to be refreshed on the basis of Sage X3 data. This can be achieved with the below steps. We will need Sage addin available in the Microsoft Excel, this addin will link the data with Sage X3 database. If you will have Sage Addin available, this… Read More »

Entry point to update fields in additional line created during sales transaction in Sage Enterprise Management

This entry point is used during the automatic generation of a sales document line (quote, order, shipment, invoice) coming from coming from a BOM breakdown or the generation of a free item from the price list search (normal or grouped). It is located at the end of the generation of the line and is used… Read More »

Greytrix Africa triumphs as Sage Enterprise Management Partner of the Year for Service Enterprise

Initiating a new age of collaboration and implementation: Greytrix Africa wins Sage Enterprise Management Partner of the Year for Service Enterprise in FY 18-19. Greytrix Africa has throughout East Africa, successfully delivered consulting and implementation services for Sage Enterprise Management. This has provided Greytrix Africa an unbeatable edge in understanding the requirements of end users… Read More »

Entry point to intervene in grouped price lists | Sage Enterprise Management

In Sage Enterprise Management, there may be a requirement where you want to update the price coming from grouped price lists. ‘RECHGROUP’ entry point is used to intervene in the three types of modifications carried out by the grouped price lists. Line modifications: The value 1 in the variable [M] GRPFLG (line no.) signifies that… Read More »

How to set the User as Employee in Sage Enterprise Management

In Sage Enterprise Management, there may be a requirement where you need to set the user as an employee. In this blog, we set the Sage X3 user as Employee. Follow the below steps to set up. Navigate To: Set up > User > Users > Parameters Set the “AUSHDKA” After-sales emplyoee equal to “Yes”.… Read More »

Reading Values from a csv file using a Separator

To read values from a csv file using a separator and writing the required values in a new file, follow the below steps- Open the directory where the csv file is located Specify the separator(e.g. “;”) and new line(e.g. “chr$(10)”) Read the values from a file Store the required values in variables Close the directory,… Read More »

Back to Back order if credit limit exceeded in Sage Enterprise Management

In the sales module, sometimes we need to create the back to back order for a customer but customer credit limit exceeded. In this scenario, sage enterprises allow creating the back to back order by using the parameter set up. Follow the below steps. Navigate To: Parameters>General parameters>Parameters values>Sales>Order management rule>Back-to-back if > Credit Limit (DIRORDCTL)… Read More »

How to launch SQL Request in Sage Enterprise Management

As you know, Sage Enterprise Management provides its own select, update statements like SQL. For efficiency, we can use SQL queries in Sage X3. Sage X3 provides special function to execute SQL statements/ commands. The special function is Execsql. It is used to launch a SQL request that does not require the return of information,… Read More »